Famous Celebrity Diet Strategy

There are many methods to lose weight, and behind the most exclusive, there is always a doctor who achieved stardom spreading the benefits of his regime and backed by their celebrity clients.

Currently, the following are the most venerated by diets high society. We tell you what they are, according to the story carried by the newspaper El Mundo.


  1. Antiaging, Dr. Nicholas Perricone. This system is based on the ingestion of a list of foods that promote beauty and youth. That is, slowing aging. Red fruits, spinach, broccoli or wild salmon are the main products of a list where except sugar or alcohol, the wine is strictly prohibited. The following Eva Mendes and Gwyneth Paltrow.
  2. Ayurveda. Pilar Franco is the person who, from Spain, has distributed and applied East Asia and ancient method of achieving weight loss. Combines the psychological factor, because, according to Franco, “you can not lose weight without being happy”, serving body types marking the Ayurveda. According to ‘vata’ is either, ‘pitta’ and ‘kapha’ slimming method vary. Followers of this regime are Roberto Torretta and Miguel Bosé.
  3. Modeling, Dr. José Luis Guijarro. This method is based on a highly individualized study of what really makes a person fat and the reasons for it. In a week the study is conducted and the findings from a specific diet served in an exclusive restaurant in Marbella is designed. Michelle Obama, Sean Connery and Isabel Pantoja have tried it.
  4. Dietox of Virigine Rogé. The founder of this company is leading a new market in Spain, France and Italy. Your weight loss therapy is based on the consumption of juices mixed fruits and vegetables and antioxidants consumed in place of the daily meals for several days. These colorful liquefied perform a function at all times of the day, completing six of them feeding a whole day. Ana Boyer and Alejandro Sanz consume these juices to ‘detoxify’ their bodies.

Once you know the strategy undertaken by well-known celebrities to lose weight. Now is the time for you to do some of these strategies. Do not easily give up and keep the spirit to do it.

As other reference, there is one celebrity who is famous for her diet success is Sara Rue. She managed to eliminate 50 pounds so her appearance became so pretty and sexy. Sara Rue can be encouraging you in the process of losing weight. If we keep the spirit and keep trying, then success will be achieved.


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